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Extrusion is a continuous technological process of plastic mass treatment, where the plastic mass in the form of granules (input raw material) is converted into foils (films) in the form of tubular foil of the desired width and thickness, which can then be cut into half tube or film.
We produce single-layer monofilms and co-extruded three-layer films. Coextruded three-layer foils give a greater possibility of combining different materials by layer, so we can obtain foils of higher quality and optimal properties.
For the production of films, we use original LDPE, LLDPE, mLLDPE, MDPE and HDPE materials from renowned global manufacturers (EXXON MOBILE, DOW, SABIC...), with which we achieve the highest requirements and packaging standards (films for automatic packaging, heat-shrinkable films, laminating films...) , as well as recycled PE materials (for the production of garbage bags, various protective foils in construction and agriculture...), which is why we make a great contribution to the preservation of the environment.
In addition to polyethylene, we also make foils from compostable bio polymers, which are completely biodegradable and compostable and are obtained from renewable sources, which is a new trend in our industry, which also makes a huge contribution to the preservation of the environment and ranks us among environmentally responsible companies.

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Printing is the process of applying color to the foil, which gives the foil a completely new visual identity.
We use modern flexo printing technology, which is in the category of letterpress printing, where the printed motifs on the photopolymer form are raised and directly transferred to the material, i.e. foil.
The reproduction of graphic visuals directly depends on the quality of the input graphic elements, but also on the equipment and operators involved in the entire process. With our own graphic preparation and constant investment in modern printing machines, we significantly contribute to the quality of printed motifs being in line with the expectations of our customers.
The materials we can print on are: polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (BOPP), cast polypropylene (CPP), paper and other materials from roll to roll. We are able to print up to 8 colors with a total width of up to 1500 mm.
The advantages of flexo printing are: high quality, relatively low price for larger runs, pronounced contrasts, additional partial varnish for a high gloss or matte effect...
Considering that packaging is a silent seller, we attach great importance to printing in the entire production process.

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The stage in which the final bag is formed. The foil unwinds from the roll on the machine, and passes over a series of rollers that cut and shape it as needed to obtain each type of bag. Considering our diverse range each bag type is produced on specific custom made converting machine.

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In this process, we collect all the scrap material that was created in production, as well as additional scraps that we buy from other companies, and we process them at our plants in order to get material that can be put into the extrusion plant again. In this way, we make efficient use of resources and take care of our environment.