Bio program

As an environmentally conscious company, we follow all new world trends related to environmental protection, and for this reason we have invested in new lines on which we produce biodegradable-compostable films using compostable bio polymers as input raw materials (a mixture of polylactic acid esters and plant starch ), which are of plant origin, which means that they are obtained from renewable sources.

In addition to the biopolymer extrusion line, we also invested in 4 lines for the assembly of various types of bags from the films obtained by biopolymer extrusion, so that we can offer:

  1. biodegradable T-shirt shopping bags
  2. biodegradable T-shirt shopping bags on roll
  3. biodegradable garbage bags

Bio foil

Following market trends, we have integrated a separate facility for the production of foils from biodegradable materials of plant origin, which provides a solution for specific environmental problems, while at the same time ensuring efficient use of resources and high product quality.

Our technology enables the production of bio-films with a width of 900 mm to 1500 mm, a thickness of 10-25 microns, with the option of printing.

Biodegradable garbage bags

Bags used for collecting various wastes now come also in form of biodegradable and compostable. Their application in mainly intended inside households, offices and catering industry. Although they are start to decompose after certain time period, during their lifetime these bags are characterised by good carrying strength and tearing resistance.

We produce them in several standard dimensions, in rolls with tearing perforation. The standard color of these bags is green, with printed logo which validates they are biodegradable product. 

We produce them in several standard dimensions, in rolls with perforation for tearing. The standard color for these products is green, with a printed logo confirming that it is a biodegradable product.

T-shirt bags and T-shirt bags on roll

T-shirts are one of the standard bags in everyday use. By introducing this product made of bio foil, we went a step further and offered the most common bags to the market with completely degradable material of plant origin, capable of decomposing in natural environment .
They can be made in different sizes, thicknesses, colors and prints, in accordance to the customers wishes. With a special way of converting, we also create T-shirt bags on roll.