How do we take care of the environment?

As in all other areas, as well as in the sphere of environmental awareness, Nora Plast takes special care, especially since this creates an effect on the wider environment.

In order to combine business and environmental efficiency, we implemented a bio-film production program and modern waste recycling technology, which completely returns scrap raw materials to our production process and recreates a new product. These measures neutralize the negative environmental effects that would otherwise occur.

Polyethylene packaging is increasingly used today thanks to its properties: light weight, good welding, flexibility, strength, resistance to moisture, printing, possibility of recycling and renewable use.

Inadequate disposal is the most common problem related to PE bags/packaging and is a consequence of the human factor, whether it is a lack of marked disposal sites or not having the habit of disposing in marked places.

We solved the mentioned problem by producing BIODEGRADABLE bags based on OXO-BIODEGRADABLE technology, and we have the "Symphony Environmental" certificate of the renowned British company. The base of this degradable film is standard polyethylene.

Decomposition is carried out by the action of UV rays and heat with the presence of "D2W" additives. Stabilizers ensure controlled degradation and prevent degradation from starting before the end of the product's exploitation cycle. It takes 4-5 years for complete decomposition.