Due to a clear focus on environmental protection, we developed the Bio Program. In it, we monitor the creation of our new products at every step, from raw materials, through extrusion, printing and packaging, in order to make sure that each product has all the necessary characteristics for adequate use, but that it does not cause negative effects on the environment.

We have the opportunity to offer our customers films in various formats, thicknesses, colors, materials, properties and for different purposes, such as heat-shrinkable films, laminating films, foils for automatic packaging machines, construction, agriculture, polypropylene and stretch films.


The company Nora Plast offers a wide range of bags for different purposes. We form them in various dimensions, colors, from different materials, with different print motifs. With us, you can find bags: for automatic packaging, T-shirt bags and bags in a roll, bags with a patched handle, with a flexible handle, courier bags, bags for freezers and garbage.

Let us help you

Our mission is to provide the market with plastic products of
recognizable quality that meet customers' requirement, while
maintaining the focus on environmental well-being.
Our vision is to aid organisations and individuals towards finding
and obtaining perfect solution for their packaging needs.

A continuous process in which the granulate is sucked inside the extruder, where it gradually melts, after which the melted mass is squeezed out through the intestinal opening, resulting in a film that expands in the form of a balloon. The balloon gradually cools, and the foil passes over the rollers and flattens. At the end of the process, the film is winded into rolls.

After extrusion, the foil is sent to the printing plant, where all the customer's visual requirements are realized. The foil passes through machines with a set of rollers, which apply the colors, create the desired design shapes over the rubber polymer, and perform other accompanying procedures to ensure that the print remains on the foil as intended.

The stage in which the final bag is formed. The foil unwinds from the roll on the machine, and passes over a series of rollers that cut and shape it as needed to obtain each type of bag. Considering our diverse range each bag type is produced on specific custom made converting machine.

In this process, we collect all the scrap material that was created in production, as well as additional scraps that we buy from other companies, and we process them at our plants in order to get material that can be put into the extrusion plant again. In this way, we make efficient use of resources and take care of our environment.


Nora Plast takes special care of preserving our environment.
Let's protect the environment for generations to come.